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Jim Gilliland

Of Cherokee and European descent, this Alabama native is a master in the art of flute making. His wood flutes are fantastic and his river cane flutes are a sweeping popularity.


Sky Wolf

Spiritual Leader of EarthKeeper Medicine Society. This man of Hispanic, Kiowa and Pueblo descent overcomes modern day concerns and even prospers amongst controversy. He follows the ways of his Native ancestors and  his ways are gentle and of peace but steadfast in belief and faith.


George "Deer Tracks" Tyler

    A native of the American Southwest and of European and Cherokee descent, Deer Tracks is a world renowned flute maker who has his flutes in over a dozen countries. His skill in playing the flute is extraordinary and ranks right up there with the best.  "The Keeper", George's first album and another on the way is proof of his talent, along with numerous performances in a variety of film, TV and other recording projects including the CD "Rainbow Spring". George has been very helpful in keeping EarthKeeper going all these years. His contributions of articles and many other ways are greatly appreciated.
   George is a skilled outdoors person and has been an instructor of primitive skills and Native Ways for nearly 20 years. He says, "I have no problem with living in modern times, however getting in touch with what my ancestors touched is what recharges my batteries. I will always have a need for that."

I have been fortunate to have always lived in places that were filled with natural beauty.  I could always appreciate such things as having the woods within a few yards of my back door, a running stream close by and the sights and sounds of wildlife being an everyday experience. My experience of these things haven't been from the outside looking in, either. I grew up here in the eastern mountains where neighbors didn't live too close. Where raising chickens, hogs, beef, gardens and canning your food was a part of life. From the time I was old enough to be carried on my Dad's shoulders, I have spent a major part of my free time roaming the woods and being close to the Earth. My ancestry, like many, is comprised of many races. In my European family tree there is German, Scottish, Irish, Dutch, Italian and who knows what else. My American family tree consists of Cherokee and Cayuga and possibly a few others. I, as many others, choose to follow the path of my Native American ancestors.

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