Jim Gilliland
Flute Maker


 Native American Love Flutes  from Wood, River Cane or Bamboo

James R. Gilliland, a Native American artist and flute maker for the last seven years has been using traditional methods and some new technology to create his flutes.

Wood: From aromatic eastern cedar to exotics, age old tradition is blended with modern technology to bring about some of the finest flutes available. Each one is digitally tuned for the finest sound.
Bamboo or River Cane: For all of you who have been looking for low keyed cane flutes - Here they are! The material for these flutes goes through a heat treating process, a kiln drying process and finally a flame hardening process. The material is then hand scraped to remove the outer skin, the inside is bored to the desired diameter. The cane is cut to the correct length for the desired key and the placement of the playing holes is calculated. The playing holes and the reed are burned into the flute using traditional methods. Each playing hole is tuned using a digital tuner (new technology). After the flute is completed it is sealed inside and outside with Danish oil. After the sealer is cured the flute is then waxed with carnauba wax for lasting protection.
Jim is also a master  pipe maker and very accomplished in many of the Native American arts and crafts.

You can contact Jim by E-mail

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