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We have news as to the World Peace and Prayer Day events to be held in 2001. Click here peaceday.

I want to recommend the video "One Water, One Air, One Mother Earth" which is an Idaho PBS documentary on Corbin Harney, Shoshone Medicine man. You can find more info at: Shundahai Network

Looking for quality Native American reproductions? Stone carving, stone pipes, and other quality artwork will be coming soon. We'll keep you posted.

World Peace and Prayer Day Main Ceremonies 2000, were held in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We hope that you didn't forget World Peace and Prayer Day on June 21st. It's now come and gone, but  we can make this a yearly tradition and continue this as a daily practice on some level. Make your plans and/or arrangements now for 2001 to get together with others, or even to be alone that day. Information on Main Ceremony is on our WPPD page. Go to peaceday for more info.

Meteorologists have admitted on National TV that 2000 was indeed been the warmest Spring on record and attribute it to global warming. Many people who previously thought that global warming was "bull" are beginning to change their mind.

White Buffalo born Rainbow Spirit, born on June 8th 2000 at 2:00 pm at the Dream Maker Bison Ranch in Colony, Wyoming. For pictures of Miracle Moon, the mother,  and information about the ranch, you can visit - they may not have it updated yet with new photos of the baby white buffalo yet, but  they should be up soon.  This could be a blessing that will give us all hope for the future!

Get Back in Touch Members of the Pan-American Indian Assoc., old EarthKeeper members  and subscribers to Wildfire magazine, both old and new, if you would, please contact us at:

EarthKeeper Magazine Online Have you checked out the changes? Even more articles are here in EarthKeeper magazine On-line. New articles and information on-line now! We have new stuff and the earlier articles and editorials are archived for your enjoyment! Come see! We have some new photos too!

Hawkwind Schedule Also our friends at Hawkwind have prepared for the new year to come. Charla has sent us a new schedule and you can contact them for information about their 2001 schedule of events and offerings at: Hawkwind, P.O. Box 11, Valley Head, AL. 35989* Read articles from our friend Charla Hermann at Hawkwind.

Videos Charla sent us 3 of the many videos she produces of which we enjoyed very much. There are two series of videos, "Quest of the EarthKeepers" and Wisdom Women of the '90's". I do highly recommend them as they are highly educational and inspirational. These are professionally produced and narrated by Charla and Bobbie Battista of CNN News. You can contact Charla at the above address for a catalog of audio and video programs.

 Photos   from our New Mexico trip 9/99.

Y2K We made the change-over to the year 2000 with no problem. We are thankful that all went well and all our people had a safe New Year! Thanks to much preparation, the Y2K bit was virtually a non-event... of which we should be grateful.

Thanks for making us one of the most visited Earth Spirituality sites on the web!

Thanks to all of you who have been writing to us. Your words and support are very much appreciated. Please continue to write.

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