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    "The drum is the heartbeat it is said, so the flute is the music or the spirit of the heart. The flute although not whole in itself, cannot make a sound without the breath of life. That breath of life or spirit, has the song but cannot express it without the flute. The two together become one and thus the song.
    There are many types of flutes, long, short, large bore, small bore,and five and six hole. The flute is of ancient origin as these instruments were mentioned by Coronado, when he entered this country.
    Actually the real name should be "Flageolet" or "Love Flute". In times past when a man wished to win a woman's heart, he would find one who was skilled in the art of flutemaking and ask to have one made with a special song that when played would make her unable to resist him. For this he would trade something of value.
    In addition to the use of the flutecfor courting, it was used spiritually in medicine and healing, and for pleasure as well. Each flute that is made has a special person person waiting for it. Thsat person and the flute will eventually find each other. There are what are called flute people, and they are people who love creation and the nature of life the way our Creator approves. The Native American way of appreciation.
    When a person thinks of a five or six hole flute, one might think that you would be limited in the notes played. But not so. When the player uses a combination of holes, slidesthe finger part way over the holes, or trills the tongue, you will find hundreds of notes available. The Native American flute is like no other instrument in that it gives satisfaction like nothing else can. When played in a canyon, on a mountain, in a Kiva, or in that special place that only the player knows, it gives a lift to the heart, soul and mind.
    I have not given every detail on the flute that can be told, but my wish is to only spark interest. Some may not know of such a means of pleasure and expression.
    When looking for a flute, you should use caution. There are those who know how to find the wood, drill holes and to make a whistle, but there is more to it than wood and holes. A good hand made and crafted flute must have the old knowledge within it and be able to sing for you. You should know your flute maker and that he is a master in his craft. The power of the flute is placed within it by the maker. Each flute has a little of the master, and it is believed that if someone tries to copy the flute or steal its secrets, they will find their efforts in life unsuccessful. Unless one is a chosen person of the trade, the power of the flute is missing. If someone counterfeits by copying, it is likened to stealing from the life force, or spirit of the master. Only through revealing or by permission can the secrets of the flute be passed on without consequence.
    This is why people desiring to have a flute, for whatever reason, would seek to have the flute made by the proper person.
    May you walk in beauty and harmony. May I close with a prayer that I say every morning.

    Our Great Grandfather Creator, thank you for this day and all you provide. From you all things come and continue even until now.
    Our Great grandfather Creator, in the lodge above, your name is above all things named. May all that is right in your eyes remain, and everything created, exist under your lodge... Everything and also the Sky places.
    This new day you allow us to have, a gift from you and all the things needed. How could I be thankful? I thank you for treating me the way I treat others, as well as the way I treat the gift of life.
Thank you for having the paths of beauty and harmony before me and showing me the secrets of life. The paths of darkness you do not lead me upon.
    May I be in your lodge for all time. May the smoke of your lodge be upon the Earth as it is in your sky places forever.
    And so I agree!"

Copyright (c) by George "Deer Tracks" Tyler. All rights reserved. Dedicated to authenticity and quality from Cedar Basic to Loon Head Hardwood, five and six hole flutes of many wood types. For more information about Deer Tracks, Deer Tracks Flutes or his CD's you can contact him with the information below.


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