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This is a free site for sharing knowledge, information, teachings and events for people of all nations. Our goal is to help heal Mother Earth. We are an Earth based Spiritual Organization dedicated to the protecting and healing our Mother Earth, All Our Relations and ourselves. We are an information clearinghouse networking to share knowledge, teachings, services and events. These pages are strictly our own opinions, feelings and beliefs. We represent no one but ourselves. We claim to be expert on nothing. These pages are our view of things and those of other authors. We are not trying to mislead anyone into believing we represent any Native American Tribe or Community or are expert in any spiritual philosophy. We are not trying to get anyone to believe as we do, however those of a like mind are free to fellowship with us. There are  no details of sacred ceremonies posted on this site.

"The survival of the world depends on our sharing what we have and working together. If we don't, the whole world will die. The ones who complain and talk the most about giving away medicine secrets are always those who know the least." Frank Fools Crow, Teton Sioux

"We Indians need allies, yet too often we reject non-Indians who support our right to follow traditional ways and who want to join us ... If we were as self assured as our Grandpas, we would say, "What a compliment! They want to be a part of us. Welcome." If we were confident in ourselves, we would know our fore bearers were attuned to the universe, that our ways are righteous and superior to eurocentrism. Instead, most Indian people condemn and rebuff those who reject the White Man's path and embrace our values."
Russell Means from Where White Men Fear to Tread

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