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     While we do not actively solicit memberships. EarthKeeper Medicine Society is not nor does it claim to be an Indian Tribe. We also do not claim any sort of authenticity or authority. We have no ties with the Bureau of Indian Affairs or any Tribal authority. These pages are strictly our own opinions, feelings and beliefs. We represent no one but ourselves. We claim to be expert on nothing. These pages are our view of things and those of other authors. We are not trying to mislead anyone into believing that we represent any Indian Tribe or Community or are expert in any spiritual philosophy. We are not trying to get anyone to believe as we do, however those of a like mind are free to fellowship with us.

    We are a group of people, both Indian and non Indian from all walks of life, from both on and off Indian reservations who are striving to return to balance and come into harmony with all things. We wish to reclaim our spiritual inheritance and our ties to our Mother Earth and All our Relations. We strive to open a pathway to all seekers.

    Our member's interests are varied. Most seek a spiritual path which will make their lives whole and complete while working to heal themselves, their people and our Mother Earth. Some members are interested in a more natural lifestyle. Whatever their interest, we can provide resources, methodologies and networking. We also have contacts with over 500 active and knowledgeable participant groups in the current revival, so that most people have someone nearby to help them in whatever their search may consist of.

    EarthKeeper Medicine Society teaches no specific medicine path. There is too much of that already. Everyone has not only the right to think for themselves, but an obligation to do so. This is the natural way. We offer no gurus, no "correct" paths or ceremonials. We have no catechism to memorize. To be real, one must learn to respond to Nature with a sincere sense of personal responsibility. The natural way is to let the Spirit teach through observation and circumstances. No required books to read, no exams to take, no formal initiations, just walking softly in respect to the Earth and living things.

    The major problem in our war-torn world today is the emphasis on materialistic left brain thinking and action. A simple and fun filled process can be used to reawaken one's right brain participation through study, ceremony and dreamtime. While all members are permitted to think and act according to their own conscience, as a group we do not march, protest or lobby for political or legal action, individually is a different matter. Such things bring only temporary benefits and then exact a terrible price from those who rode roughshod over the beliefs and rights of others. Your path will not conflict with any belief system you are now following. We can only open the door. It is up to you to enter and begin your journey.

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