Editorial from RavenHawk 4/23/00

There are a great number of things that influence my thoughts and reasoning. Especially affecting my movement toward any resemblance of a practice of sacred ecology in my everyday life. The realization of that seems essential to providing any descent future for the next seven generations.

The occurrence of any Great Awakening, if it hadn't already in the past, should have happened with the so-called Y2K scare. There are those who will argue that Y2K was a total non-event and that we did all that preparation for nothing. Well... I disagree. To me, it seems that all the preparations that were made was the reason it was a non-event. Seems that we in this society need continuous "wake-up calls", then when the scare is over, we deny there was ever a problem and dance happily on our way back into the destructive lifestyle we practiced before. Wake-up calls don't really wake us up, do they? At least not from a whole society standpoint.

Our ultra-high degree of dependence on computers for absolutely everything from electricity to fuel and transportation, medical care, prescriptions to communications, put(s) us in a very precarious position. This is what made Y2K so very potentially dangerous... our dependence. Computers are a good thing and have improved and helped in many ways too numerous to mention but including world wide communication.

We live in a society that is based on absolutely non-renewable petroleum, which is a completely unsustainable and highly polluting resource. We depend on this resource for heat, energy, food, clothing and transportation just to name a few. There are those who say that when the oil runs out, we will develop uses for more renewable resources. I really don't understand what we're waiting for. It's like an elder once told me, "It's all about money brother, it's all about money."

We're all smart enough to realize that we need to be doing things to get ourselves rolling in the right direction. We're also smart enough to realize that with the world population, we can never go back to a hunter-gather lifestyle. Well, some say that maybe reducing the population of the planet would help some. I even heard that if every family (man-woman unit) on the planet would limit to one child, there would be a 50% reduction in population in 50 years. I am not certain on these figures being correct so I urge you to check it out yourself.

But life seems so fast! Time seems to be going by faster! People everywhere are getting busier and speeding up and getting busier. Maybe it's no wonder there seems to be no time to deal with huge problems of ecological destruction. We get so busy trying to make our livings, live our lives and caring for our children that it seems impossible to slow down enough even think about such things much less taking action to restore what was damaged and destroyed.

How do we put on the brakes? Has anyone ever broken away enough to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle? Can we really slow things down? Good questions.

(c) 2000

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