Time and Choices

by Dr. Nan Fritts

    The beliefs taught to us by parents, and various adults from babyhood on, becomes the conditioning of early childhood, and eventually our pattern of adult life, affecting all of the choices we make from then on.

    We may live in the moment of "now" physically, but the past tends to drag one down unless you view it from a different perspective, and simply let go. Otherwise, you are not in control, but controlled instead, by events, and circumstances. Not being in control of your own life, is like being asleep, never to awaken. Walking through life asleep means you never reach your full potential.

    But, don't blame outside forces. This avoids responsibility. We can (and should) put aside everything that happens, as an experience in learning. Then, move onward toward hopeful enlightenment. After all, life is a gift, and we are all here for a reason. We made the choice in the spiritual realm to enter the locale we were born into, and the. parental situation. When birth on the earth plane occurred, the remembrance of past lives fades into the background, otherwise it may adversely affect the present scene. However, former lives can surface through dreams, and meditation if you require past life regression in order to solve a present life problem.

    Albert Einstein said, "There is no absolute time. Time changes with the motion of the observer." it does not flow in one direction as if it were linear. Therefore, past, present, and future can occur all at the same time, for there is no "fixed moment". The future already exists in some form or another. Humans believe in time as linear. The spirit world, and the creative world moves outside of linear. Metaphysics means outside of physical. Dream time, seers, psychics, etc. access this realm. So can you.

    The left brain holds on to reason, but the right brain knows that without imagination there would not be any creativity. Your mind and brain are totally different. You think before you feel, and desire plus expectation brings forth results. Faith (not religion) creates your future, and the future of others. Every thought, every word has a vibration of its own. One can base these on fear, which is negative, and detrimental to one and all, as well as the universe, or one can dwell in faith, and positive action, affecting a decided uphill change for everyone and everything.

    We can make a difference in the severity of Earth Changes, and such things as pole shifts. Positive collective consciousness works.

    As the lead song from the Broadway show, "Rent" states: 525,600 minutes a year spent in seasons of love for one another can make a difference. Thatís a loose translation, but the message is clear.

    A friend sent a little clipping to me. It says, "Whatever you vividly dream, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically ask for must inevitably come to pass". Just be sure what you want, and what you desire are one and the same.

    Our conscious brain could represent a golf ball atop the Texas Astrodome (a formidable building). The Astrodome could represent your sub/super conscious. We are all warriors who have chosen to dwell in this rapidly changing scene. Meditate to awaken the inner you, and your reason for being here. Listen to the Music of the universal flow. The choice is always yours

    Keep Shining!

    Copyright (c) 1999 by Dr. Nan Fritts. All rights reserved.

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