Religion Made Simple

by Chief Piercing Eyes~Penn

    There is only one sin: The lack of CHEERFULNESS. When one is not cheerful, s/he broadcasts to everyone around them there is something wrong. in their life. Others don't take them seriously. They have enemies wishing them harm or lack. There are repressive laws that prevent them from enjoying life and/or taking advantage of opportunities.

    Cheerlessness affects all of one body. Every body cell is loaded down with the hopelessness of the situation. New cells are inferior to the old ones. Arteries harden. Toxins collect rather than being eliminated. Hair turns gray. Organs begin to atrophy. The person misses opportunities because the world is such a bad place to live.

    This attitude affects everyone they contact. Other non cheerful persons become infected with their Cheerlesness and a miserable fellowship is born. Taxes are too high. Something must be done to counter government waste and inefficiency. TV is destroying the morals of our youth. Politicians are corrupt. Some will gather weapons to fight this wicked system. They will be happy when the criminals are all dead. Will they? Of course not, because they are the real criminals themselves for not believing things can get better.

    There is only one Spirituality: CHEERFULNESS. Like the lack of it, this attitude is creative. Cheerfulness broadcasts the idea that something is right in ones world. Smile and people will smile back. Cheerfulness spreads like a loving virus. Doors of opportunity open up. New body cells are stronger than the old ones. Organs perk up and do their work better. Might be too late for the gray hair, but it is a good reminder in your mirror of what you did to yourself.

    Try this experiment and it will make you a believer. When you go for an interview, make the sales call, see the doctor, look for a parking place, the usual tendency is to grumble about the outcome. Usually, you are right. Instead, smile to yourself and affirm the interview will inure to your favor, the customer will buy your product, the physical will be favorable, there will be an open space to park in right in front of the building. Watch this carefully and you will find you usually are right.

    Many object that this Pollyanna attitude is stupid and unreasonable. They prefer to continue with the tried and true negativity. The practical thing is to try it. You will soon see the world is unrolling the red carpet on your path everywhere you go.


     Copyright (c) 1999 by CPE. All rights reserved.

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