Editorial by RavenHawk 8/13/00
Medicine - the
Reality and the

Although there are as many variations in all aspects of Medicine as there are people, there are always questions. No one person is the possessor of all knowledge and cannot answer every thing. That person can only relate within the scope of their experience. We must share in order to help others and ourselves. There is no reward in thinking that one has to be an expert on everything, because few are. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks you are. It's what you really are that counts.

People are continuously asking questions of me and I try to answer within the best of my ability. I do not consider myself an expert at anything. Actually I'm usually hesitant to try and explain anything because I feel that there are those out there who are far more qualified than I am. Apparently, though, there is a problem with people being able to find those qualified to answer whatever question is to be asked. So, in that light, I feel that I should share what little I know to the best of my ability. Actually it would be unfair to not share something that could help someone in some way...  besides, if someone hadn't been kind enough to share with me, then I would have nothing to share. Really, I believe that if we don't share, that which we do have will be taken away from us. And how can we expect to heal ourselves, to heal others, to heal the Earth and All Our Relations, if we have some knowledge and keep it to our selves.

I believe that we all must be humble, we must be servants.

The old Native Holy Person's responsibilities were comprised  of much more than just doing ceremonies, using their pipes, doing sweats, beating their drums, etc. Even though those things just mentioned were a very important part, it wasn't all.

So if a person has a pipe, can run a sweat, has a drum and can sing a few songs, does that make that person a Medicine Person? I don't think so, but there are many who do believe that. Possessing the tools doesn't make anyone anything. I don't think quite so many would be so eager to try on the title of Medicine Person if they knew what that position really was. Most would probably be scared to death. A real Medicine Person wouldn't use that title anyway. Few would say " I'm a Medicine Person". That is a White European label or title.

If the title is what they're after, then they're after the wrong thing, looking in the wrong place. Real Medicine doesn't come with a title.

When we selflessly give of ourselves, that is Medicine.

Still it seems that most people associate Medicine with Ceremonies, Sweats, Pipes, Drums, Rattles etc. Yes all these things do have something do with it. Any single one can be, yet they don't have to have anything to do with it. Medicine can be teaching. Medicine can be in music. Medicine can be in healing. It can be in helping others, helping animals, helping the Earth, in sharing, Medicine is many things in many ways. But it always comes from the heart and should be for the sake of others.

So when you go about your work, whatever it may be, and someone dares to call you a Medicine Person, smile to yourself and realize that you are, and you don't need the title. It's what's in the heart that counts.

(C) 2000 RavenHawk

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