Editorial from RavenHawk 3/17/00

Each time I sit down to write this column, I hope to be able to focus on some important and relevant matter that effects our Mother Earth and/or our lives. Over the last many years, I have written about many things which effect us, our lives, our spirituality and our environment. Many of the subjects I touch upon have been hashed and re hashed in the news media and publications over the last ten or fifteen years, to the point that many, many people have become tired, even sick of hearing and reading about it. As a matter of fact, so many people have tired of  it all to the point, that many, many organizations and teaching centers have been forced out of business due to declining interest from many of the very people that supported this movement in the first place. But this is the question... Does the "Out of sight, out of mind" mentality ever cure or fix anything? Has it ever made anything go away?

Each time I sit here to write this, I feel the need to touch upon something fresh and new, but then I realize that all the things people are so tired of, are the very things we need to be concentrating on and doing.

Our purpose as EarthKeeper Medicine Society is not to entertain... we do always need fresh and new ideas, but just the fact of being fresh and new doesn't particularly make old or current problems go away. Perhaps what we need are some fresh and new ideas about dealing with the old problems. But until then, there are old tried and true ways of dealing with these. All the problems we faced yesterday are still here, whether we want to hear about them or not. Earth changes are still happening at an escalating and alarming rate and will continue. Recycling and walking lightly upon the earth are more important than ever, coming into balance with all things and rising to a higher level of consciousness is still our ultimate goal. Working for the benefit of the Seventh Generation hasn't gone out of style.

By now we all must have realized that science and government don't have all answers to solve the problems that we, as inhabitants of the Earth, face.

While both have their wonderful merits, either are no more than an illusion, as far as dealing with current global problems are concerned. We, as members of the spiritual community, must be patient and steadfast as to our hopes and goals. Many people tire of many things because of a lack of immediate results. Why does that happen? Because instant gratification is what we're so used to in this society and instant gratification does not exist in reality. Time as we know it is only an illusion that our physical selves must pass through. Things do not always happen how, or within the time frame we think they should or want them to.

We're not going to heal the Earth and solve our problems in a day, nor a year, not even a decade. Perhaps not even in a lifetime, but where does that leave future generations if we don't try. Future generations have no say about today and cannot speak up for themselves before their time. How would their world be if we quit because we grew tired of the work that lies before us? Those future generations will either curse us or thank us, depending on the outcome.

Interest in this Spirituality movement peaked (not began) around the late 80's, after about a decade or so of momentum. The decline of interest began about 1990 after a plateau of about three years. So, what has happened? Let's consider this for a moment. There are several suggestions that could be evident factors.

(1) The movement was something new and as always, with something new, many see it as the thing to do. A fad, perhaps to many, and as with any fad, it usually goes out of style after a period of time.

(2) According to scientific studies, people's interests on almost any subject matter generally lasts only about a maximum of ten years.

(3) Many radical Native American groups were shouting things about stealing religion and cultural genocide. Some grew very violent, breaking up ceremonies, meetings, workshops, violently ejecting vendors from Pow Wows and condemning their own elders who dared teach and share with non- Indians. Such actions were enough to scare many people away, who not only feared the violence, but also figuring that if Native Americans couldn't get along with each other, what did they really have to offer anyway. Where was the harmony and balance they represented?

(4) Many people grow tired of fighting a for a cause when it becomes evident that there are not going to be immediate or soon to be seen results.

(5) Ancient prophesies tell of a time when a "weeding out process" will occur. At this time, those who are not involved for the right reasons (fad seekers, those in it only for money or any other personal gain, thrill seekers, etc.) will fall by the wayside, leaving only those true spiritual warriors who are steadfast in their beliefs and work. We are seeing this happen, as seekers, once powerful teachers, popular publications and teaching centers have all come and gone for various reasons.

I believe those of us who are still here, firm in our beliefs, fighting for our Mother Earth and striving for balance and good ways, are the ones who will hang in there. We will continue our work tirelessly, regardless of whether it's still in fashion or style. Those who have joined us along the way, have strengthened us and enriched our lives, regardless if they eventually fell by the wayside or chose another path. The true spiritual warrior represents what was, what is, and what will be. Perhaps many of us will not see the results of our efforts. Those results may only become evident after another, a few, or several generations. What does it matter if we are the roots and not the bloom as long as we are a part of the flower. One could not be without the other. The flower could never live to bloom if the roots were destroyed.

I feel we need to re-think all these issues we could all so easily tire of. Perhaps we need creative new ways to deal with these matters, but it still remains that we need to continue to deal with them. So, if I write something that is old news and you've heard it all before, perhaps I write it because it is still there and hasn't gone away! So, If anyone seeks entertainment, this may not be the place to look. Those things we need to deal with will be among these pages, along with ideas, information that may be of help, stories that may open a few doors or spark a few ideas and maybe we'll even rattle a few cages. But one thing for sure, we're open to all, and we re not afraid to ask questions and to look for answers.

(c) 2000

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