Healing Places
by George "Deer Tracks" Tyler

    The space I would need to explain the total of a "Healing or Medicine Place" would have no limit. There are some who think, or would like to think that it is such a private thing that it should not, or cannot be explained at all. My feeling is that if we are going to heal ourselves and want to have others understand us, then things must be taught and shared. Let's face it, the world is sick. The world of mankind, I mean. Nobody needs to paint the picture for anyone anymore. Even though "man" has made great advances in many areas, we can not, as a species, keep from killing and destroying. So, really, what good are advances and all these wonderful discoveries if we are not complete within ourselves? The challenge is to keep your own center in good health while sharing or helping others to heal theirs. First let's define some things. What is a healing place? It can be any place at any time. It can be the feeling of comfort, or safety. It can be a place to recharge your life energies. Most of all, it must be somewhere that is your own. Others may know of this place, but only you, or few others would see or feel it the way you would.
    Let me explain. Have you ever found a place that just feels right to you? A place where maybe you just felt safe and everything comfortable. A place you like to return to whenever possible. Some people find these places far away and can only return for a vacation. A person can not expect to have a continual healing of self, if the only place that you have found is hundreds of miles away. You must find many such places, just as you would go to more than one store for food. I have my favorite healing places, others I call Power places and still others I call Quiet places. All to me are summed up as under the heading of Healing places.
    A person might say, "How do I know a Healing place from any other place?" Remember when I said earlier that you feel safe when you are there, or recharged after being in such a place? You may have experienced this without giving it much thought. I will demonstrate what I mean. Most of life may be spent in a middle road where one may think of themselves as comfortably functional. Have you ever been some place where you didn't know why but you wanted out of there? Now! No visible reason, but you just felt weird of out of place. Most everyone has had that experience and would make a conscious effort not to go back. It was a place of inner fear and emotionally draining, for some reason repulsive. Well, that is the opposite of a healing place. It is not necessary to explain why, bit just as strong as your feeling for finding your place of healing. What I am saying is, most people have no trouble finding what they don't like, but have difficulty feeling what is good or right for them. Sometimes a Guide is necessary to help bring a person to knowledge.
    I need to interject something here. A Guide or Healer should be like a doctor. You choose one to help you recover so that you can take control of your own life at some point. Be aware of someone that controls or makes you feel that center and health depends on them. They become like dispensed drugs that you feel that you can't do without, and they seek money and a power over you. A Healer, Medicine Person or Guide will be like a road map showing you how to get from one place to another. There should be a time when you can get there without the map. Don't get me wrong, there are certain things that someone that is not a Healer, Medicine Person or Guide should not attempt. The same would hold true with a Doctor. But asking for their skill should not include a life long, day in, day out dependency when looking for center, or enjoying your own healing place. Enough said. When you find these places, go to them often to recharge and gain strength. You will be praying, reflecting and making a friend in this place. It will and should be for your well being, only to be shared with very few others. Be careful of sharing your "Healing Places" with just anyone, because it will loose it 5 special powers and meaning if someone else disrespects it.
    You must have several places of refuge, and be open to the calling of others. In this way, you can receive the healing powers available from each, and not be lost if something happens to one of them.
    Such places can be found no matter where you may find yourself, country or big city. You just must learn what to know and how to feel and they will be there for you. Sometimes it's a healing place for only a moment. You may find it in a garden in the city, or even by a tree in a mall. Just the other day I was in a busy down town construction area with people working all around. Looking up and to the North, I saw two Hawks circling. I raised my hand in greeting as I always do, and one of them lead the way to come to my location. It flew above me looking to see who was calling. It's partner was maybe 100 feet higher was not as interested and was only following. With my hand raised, palm up, I spoke to a friend; made contact in a healing way, but wondered what all these people around me thought. There I was with my hand and arm extended upward as if I were touching my friend. He was only 30 or 40 feet above me and I was sure that someone would be watching. Looking around, not one saw me or the Hawks. It gives you a tickle feeling to know that your experience was just for you. Yet sad to know others would only seek to kill or destroy what is a time of healing from a friend or place. Any way, after seeing that no one else paid attention to us, I looked up to find my friend and his mate had left my sight. They were already some distance away, continuing doing whatever interests Hawks. The point is, no matter where you are, things will happen for you if you are receptive and stay alert to your surroundings.
    I hope that I have touched on something that will provide you with a glimpse or a starting point that will possibly lead you toward your own "Healing Places". If I have trespassed or offended anyone, please forgive me. My intention is sharing knowledge that promotes healing.
    May you walk in beauty and harmony!

Copyright (c) by George Tyler. All right reserved.

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