From the EarthKeeper Publisher (July 26, 1999)

   To tell you the truth, I've always been more of an outdoors person, and sitting inside, in front of a computer is not my best idea of how to spend a day. I would much rather be rambling around the mountains or sitting beside a stream any time. (Which I still do every chance I get) I grew up in the country with the woods always at my back door, beckoning me to look into their great mystery and solitude, calling me to seek out the secrets that lay within.

   So, how then did I end up spending most of my days indoors with my face in a computer keyboard? Well, my love for our Mother Earth brought me inside, you might say. I guess you can't protect the forest by staying in it. You must get out in the society that threatens what you love, in order to save it. There are many ways to communicate your message to the public, and the written word just happened to be my choice of how to do it.

   Myself, like many of us, have had a very strong feeling of needing to do something to heal and protect our Mother Earth and ourselves and decided to do something about it. Where many of us become stumped, is "what" to do. My decision was to build a publication vehicle that would be a learning, teaching and sharing vehicle that would help people to learn and understand better how to live in balance and begin all the healing that needs to be done. While EarthKeeper no longer continues as a "paper" publication, it continues strongly here on the web. So, that's how it came to be that I now spend so much time inside, because I love the outside so much.

   In no way do I consider EarthKeeper Medicine Society a commercial business. To me its a thing that I try and do in order to share and help people. Sure we have deadlines and such, but it is much more comfortable if an informal setting is maintained. We don't have a large office or warehouse as some do, this is work of the heart, labor of love... service. We try to put out a good publication and pass that on.

   Politics is another issue than you run into when you get to trying to do what you believe in. There'll be those who think you have no right to be doing what you're doing. They'll scream and shout and holler twinkies and wannabes and try to make you look bad or try and scare you out of the picture. There was a national radical group who had an article in the Santa Fe paper, and they happened to include us in their list. They thought we shouldn't be doing what we're doing. It seems funny to me that some people view trying to heal our Mother Earth, all our relations and ourselves as wrong, or as stealing. Personally, I figure that most of them are only jealous and afraid someone else will make a dollar that they feel they should have made. Believe me, if I was after money, I'd be in real estate or politics or something.

   Really, I've said all I'm going to say about these groups in past issues and I'm not going to waste too much energy on them now, but it is good to know they're out there and I think they've about ran out of steam. Almost all the old teachings that I'm aware of, tell us that the teachings are for all the people, not just certain ones of specific skin, hair or eye color or political ties. When someone wants to learn Earth based spirituality, we have to remember that this is one person who has stepped out of destructive society and desires to learn healing and balance. We want to heal the Earth and ourselves, but we cannot do this if we deny the ways and knowledge to the very ones who will help us achieve those goals. If we'll look past race, sex, politics and nationality, we can see that we're all human beings and most prejudices are merely man made obstacles that prevent us from reaching our full potential as human beings. If we cannot love one another and get along, then what does that say for all the other aspects of our lives?

   We cannot just pick and choose the supposed good parts which we want and cast the rest aside and still expect to be in balance. We must do what we believe in, for one day it will be too late. What are we waiting for? You've got to play ball within the time limits of the game or it won't count. A touchdown, goal or home run after the game is over doesn't matter. We've got to play the game, during the game. After the game, it will be too late!


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