Editorial by Chief Piercing Eyes 5/14/00

As Indian Restoration continues to gain momentum, more and more old time Prophecies are being fulfilled.

It is important that everyone does as much as he or she can to bring them to pass, especially those concerning the return of the buffalo, which is the sine qua non of Indian prophecy.

Let us soberly note that  the fact of Indian Restoration does not guarantee its success. It only means that it is possible. When God gave Moses the Promised Land, he found it to be an armed camp. He was only given the opportunity to fight for something.

If one figures that the Restoration began in 1977 (it may be fair to use an earlier date) then one might guess that it will last until 2017 or there abouts, given the usual 40 years for a movement.

This gives us something less than two generations to groom some really great new visionaries and leaders, But it is plenty of time to start the sacred fires and unroll the medicine bundles. It has been estImated that it will take 2,000 dedicated young men and women to bring the Restoration home. It will take people with an unshakable pride in their own particular tribe or band. They will be dedicated to the proposition that their tribe shall be everything it ever could be... in glorious renaissance, even if their People, like mine, no longer exist as a political entity.

Is this too much to ask? Or should we sell our souls to the Company Store and drink beer in front of the television until our lives slip away one day at a time and count for nothing like a ripple of wind in the autumn leaves? If we ever go forth we must do it NOW!

After 2017, the results of Restoration whether good or bad, will become conventionalized and little change will be possible.
Should the Indian Nations fail to develop their own internal revival elements and gain a good spirit of cooperation with each other, the opportunity will  never come again in human history. By 2017 we will be too white in blood and culture to ever enjoy another Restoration. We live in a unique place in history. Let us enjoy our present place in the sun and count coup with every opportunity that the Great Spirit sends to cross our paths.

Chief Piercing Eyes

(c) 2000

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