Editorial from RavenHawk 11/22/99

Mystics, Visionaries and Holy people have been predicting this next great age of humankind. Many believe that we're now in that age, or at least at the very beginning of it. As we are all aware, many changes have taken place over the past years and continue to do so. These changes are that which prophets herald as the signs of this new age. Some of the changes have been good, some bad and some were neither, but just happened. I think it would be of little help here to overly rehash such things as Earth Changes, human issues, pollution issues, and all the suggestions toward solutions that have been laid on the table in the past twenty years or so. Nor does anyone want to hear again about what we all supposedly need to be doing. Since there are those who feel we have indeed improved things and others who feel we have only slid deeper into the abyss which we ourselves have created, my conclusion is that most any measurements of our success so far has been based mostly on that of personal opinion.
    However, as I review numerous works, articles, letters and personal stories on the matter, there seems to emerge several basic themes of what people feel should be happening and is most needed in these times of change. The path one chooses to follow, whether it be one of the many of the Native Americans, those of the middle east or those of the dominant society is totally up to the individual. The basic elements of these themes that emerge are very much "cross cultural" and clearly workable regardless of the path followed. These themes, I'm sure, could be divided into categories and sub-catagories, but I'll not attempt that nor will I attempt to list them in any order of importance which I'm sure would only be again, a matter of personal opinion. And I know of no one other than our Creator who would have the authority or knowledge to decide which would be most important to us and when. Even then, I feel the Creator would show each of us differently, according to our individual needs as it would be applied in our personal lives.
   Balance and harmony seems to be the most repeated theme and then ceremony. Other issues such as brotherhood and community are there for certain and then there are the concerns of the environment. These are all big issues! Now which of those individuals are just being hip with the lingo and those who are serious and have applied these things in their lives, I really cannot say. Just what these words and phrases really mean must be left up to the individual to define according to their individual path and personal interpretation. I'm sure if asked, a hundred people would give at least 90 different explanations and 10 other variations and each could be as valid as the other. Perhaps it would be much the same with any situation.
    If we look at these words as more than catch phrases or buzz words, in order to be politically correct, we will see that not only can a picture be worth a thousand words, but sometimes a word or two can have the same thousand fold value.

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