Earth Changes
Editorial from RavenHawk 10/15/00

You want to talk about Earth Changes? How about we start with the flooding and
the  earthquakes in California, the earthquake in Washington, Columbia,
South America and the unusually warm weather in the east and northeast U.S. Then we
can swim over to Japan and find out about the two tremendous earth- quakes that recently
occurred there. Thousands are dead, injured and missing and those folks thought they
were ready for it. How about the massive avalanche in India, the worst rains in 150 years
that occurred in France? All this has happened in the last few years. Are the rain forests still being cleared and burned at a rate of more than an acre per second? You bet! Is the hole still in the ozone layer? Sure is, and growing! Is land fill space still running out? Yep, and garbage is being dumped anywhere it can be dumped, legal or illegal. If only about 1% of the Earth's water is drinkable, then
how much of the Earth’s water is polluted?

Scary, ain't it? Heard enough?
Yeah, me too, but it ain't going to go away by ignoring it, and I don't think that any
scientists are going to find a cure for it. So... I guess its going to be up to us... those of us
who give a hoot, anyway. Maybe we can't fix it, but we might make things a little better.
We've heard of all this mess for neigh on to fifteen years now and just how much has
improved? It's certain that many people have changed the way they live in some ways and
some companies have changed their ways too. So that should have helped some. Sure, it
did. But what about growth. If we have a, let's say, 1% reduction in our effects upon the
Earth, but  new  growth  and  population contributes an additional 20-25% on the negative
side, seems to me like we're still going in the hole on this one. Sure, we still have the 1%
improvement which is better than none and I'm thankful for it. The point is that we're still
loosing ground.

We can’t look to the government for help because they're to busy scratching each
other's backsides to see anything other than dollar bills. If they do decide it's financially
beneficial to propose a bill, they have to have 15 years and a few billion dollars to study
the situation and get some proof before they pass it. By then they're no longer in office and
don't have to worry about it. Besides, by then the bill is too outdated to consider and
people are all tired of hearing about it.

The point I'm trying to make here is... there are tremendous changes occurring. here on
Earth. We live on Earth. What effects the Earth effects us. We effect the Earth, so we
effect ourselves. Earth Changes are here and we have to deal with them. They are not
going to quit until they've run their course. It's been said that mankind had his chance to
voluntarily straighten up his act. The opportunity to take advantage of this chance was
missed, so here we are. There are those who say now, being as mankind didn't take
advantage of that chance, there are forces that have been put into motion that will make
the changes for us.

We have been our Creator's problem children for long enough and now is the time for
our discipline. I have to say that our Creator has been patient as we have been going
merrily on our own little way. Now we’ve broken the Earth and too few of us are willing
to try and fix it: As the Changes increase in frequency and intensity, we will be forced to
change and adapt, but not voluntarily this time. According to some experts, research
shows that there may have been more natural disasters in the last 5 years than in all the last
150 years put together. And people still say, "What Earth Changes?"

Charla Herman at Hawkwind tells in their publication, Pathfinder, of what Grandma
Bertha says, '...when people ask me what to do if the Earth Changes come, I knock them
in the head and tell them they have slept through the first half, NOW the hard part comes,
NOW we complete the Earth Changes."

Now, this is not a terrible thing that is happening. Mother Earth is just being repaired
and healed at this time. Remember, to cure anything, you have to first correct the cause.
Mankind is the cause... Hmm... this mess wouldn't have happened by itself; There are
those who think that all the mess we have created will cure itself, that all people will rise
to a higher  level  of  consciousness  and everything will be fine. I agree that many, many
people are rising to a higher level of consciousness, but its a very small percentage of the
Earth's population when compared to all the uncaring dominant societies in the world. Just
rising to a higher level don't cut it unless the majority of people in the world do so.

So, now for the score:
People trying to live in balance and harmony - a few million... maybe.
The rest of the world - several billion including uncaring governments and industry.
Well... It seems to me that there has to be a "point". A point in which all our mess and
destruction stops and a point in which we all start in the right direction. If the mess and
destruction outweighs the positive, we re still in a mess. Thus the Earth Changes. Both the
stopping point and starting point is being made for us. The odds are being evened and
that's good!

I guess, the main thing I'm saying is that the changes are here now, they're happening and
are not going to stop for a while. We'd better get ready as best as we can. Its a wonderful thing that's happening let‘s get through it and be thankful for Mother Earth.

RavenHawk (c) Copyright 2000

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