Seasons of Change

by Small Thunder

    It is indeed a very beautiful day! The air is warm with only a hint of chill that the sun has not yet dissipated. The few clouds scattered in the sky are the only white in the sea of blue overhead. Hawks are common in these times of change, perhaps as messengers of hope to those who are doing the will of the Creator and trying to make a difference. Eagles too, are seen now and again, busy hunting for food or carrying sincere prayers up to the Higher Powers that oversee all things.

    Their presence known more and more with each passing year until they are now common-place. How do we view the return of these sacred birds? Is it only a thing of nature that they return? Or Is it a sacred sign of these times of Earth Changes? Perhaps it is both and we should heed their presence. The coming Fall of the year is a time when things start to become dormant for the coming Winter months, regenerating and preparing to spring forth into new life when the time becomes right. So it is a time for humans to do the same. The trees whose leaves will have fallen and be swept away by the wind will seem so lifeless, yet the life force which goes beneath the Earth surges strong. The plants which will be so lifeless and brown, will have their seeds in the Earth, ready to spring forth and carry on the life from which they came and then once again return their seeds to the ground.

    They have from the deep mists of ancient times. Even the animals who hibernate, carry in their ancient memories, a sense of renewal that will come forth in Spring, a time to reawaken and once again come out into the world. So humans must do the same.

    The cycles of life are inevitable and irreversible. A power much mightier than ourselves set forth in the beginning these motions and that was how it was to be. All is a great cycle that is balanced to the most minute detail as to work even as cycles within cycles. There is life and there is death. Neither could exist without the other. Even death is but a cycle, a change of worlds. So really there is no death, merely a change from one season to the next.

    It is how we make the change that matters most. No matter how we do it, whether in a balanced way or in a haphazard manner, the process continues from life to death, from season to season, from ancient times to a new era. We must make changes too as the changes happen here on Mother Earth. She is being cleansed of the things that have been greedily and mercilessly done to her. We should see that how these changes affect us are dependent on how we ourselves are ready to change and view these changes. It is only human nature to desire to cling to the old and familiar ways of doing things and thinking, but there is only one thing constant. And that is change. It is in a positive manner that the Earth is changing. The changes may seem dramatic, or maybe even catastrophic, but it is all necessary. Our Mother Earth is ill and the changes are Her medicine. Humans are for the most part, the illness, or at least the cause of the illness.

    As our Mother changes, we will be forced to change also. The changes are a good thing. Remember that. We are our Mother's children and she will care for us as long as we care for her and are attentive to the warning signs. There is space for all things and plenty of room for love and caring. So as the wild geese return to the North in Spring, we must return to the ways of balance as taught to us by nature. These ways cannot be wrong, for they have existed since the beginning and are still here. We must regain our place within the circle to find the center of the Earth... which is wherever you are, not particularly at some special place. You must learn for yourself, someone else can't do it for you.

    The answers rarely are the same for anyone anyway. It is a hard lesson for some to learn that there isn't any "quick fix". The time must be taken to learn what we must. Just as surely as the sun rises and sets, times will continue to change and our Mother Earth will be healed of her terrible wounds only if the very children who have inflicted her will be willing to change. She will nurture her children and if we allow it, we can be healed along with her and all can be as it has from the beginning. The cycles of life will become once again whole and complete, the world will be new and mankind can once again carry the law in his heart, to live in love and harmony, to find a balance in all things. If we allow it.

    Copyright (c) 1994 by Small Thunder. This article may not be reprinted without express written permission from the author. Small Thunder is a somewhat demented but usually harmless recluse who has a Ph.D. in the School of Hard Knocks of Life... and limb. He spends most of his time in the woods avoiding people and trying to figure out the traditions of his people when he can remember who they are. You can always contact us , but if you would like to contact him... Well... Good luck! We would too.

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